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Peer Tutors Transform Struggles to Success
emily ng 14 editorial associate
December 15, 2011

There’s a group of people on campus who dedicate their free periods and weekends to helping others understand textbook material, prepare for tests, and develop helpful note-taking skills, while also taking away rewarding experiences.

Teachers, you think? No, peer tutors.

From freshmen to seniors, the peer tutors are some of the most proficient scholars in their respective subjects. They tutor most subjects in the curriculum, from algebra to Asian history, biology to Latin.

While asking for help with a difficult chapter may seem embarrassing, students know that the peer tutors have a non-judgmental attitude. Moreover, each peer tutor has signed up to commit to aiding others with their academics.

Jamie Haddad ’12, a two-year Head Tutor, said that becoming a tutor has given her rewarding experiences.

“Once, I had one student who was panicking a couple of nights before her test. We met up a couple of different times before the assessment, and she was so scared. However, later in the week, she came up and hugged me, saying that she’d gotten a 95 on the test,” recalled Haddad.

This year, the group installed a chat program on its Moodle site where students can ask questions during study hall. Despite the slow reception of the new program, the group is planning to create a Skype account in the spring for students to inquire more privately. They can also be reached via email at

Interested in becoming a tutor? “We are looking for students who are committed, enthusiastic, and understanding,” suggested peer tutor faculty advisor Julianne Schloat.

“We’re also looking for people who have a lot of experience in their particular subjects, so we can cover as much of each subject as possible,” added Head Tutor Trevor Anderson-Salo ’12.