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Get Your Santa On!
sharon tam 13 staff writer
December 15, 2011

It’s that time of year to start thinking about creative gift ideas as well as the long-standing tradition of Secret Santa. Secret Santa is a fun and inventive tradition, on and off campus, where one person picks another person’s name (typically out of a hat) and secretly gives them present(s) as their Secret Santa.

Zatio Kone ’12 shared a sweet story about how last year she forewent homework to cut out paper snowflakes and hang them in her Secret Santa’s room. Kone explained, “She liked them so much she kept them up for the rest of the school year!”

Not an uncommon tradition at Deerfield, Maddie McGraw ’13 said, “Last year, my proctor/Secret Santa snowflaked her room. We also made gingerbread houses as a hall, and wrote a song about Christmas on Poc II, to the tune of White Christmas.”

Maggie Savage ’15 shares another cute Christmas story: “One Christmas, my seven year old brother and I snuck downstairs on Christmas Eve, and in the middle of the night, he thought he heard Santa. We tried to break through the metal cover to the fireplace with scissors, and started crying when we couldn’t get in.” Savage added, “In the morning, we found the ‘secret footsteps’ made from ‘snow,’ which was actually powder, but we didn’t know at the time.” These special holiday memories are not easily forgotten, and this holiday season is the chance to create some incredible ones, which may or may not involve Secret Santa.

Laura Quazzo ’13 added, “Personally, I love Secret Santa at Deerfield! I like the spirit and connection it brings to the hall, and I love anything secretive.”