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Day Student Duties
the editorial board
December 15, 2011

In late November, day students were informed that they would have to wait tables during the upcoming meal rotation. Since day students are not required to attend Sunday dinner, “Sunday waiters,” boarders who both first and second wait the meal, were also assigned. Though many boarders felt that this was fair, many day students were surprised and frustrated with the change. Day students felt singled out by the first waiting line which consisted almost entirely of day students.

The biggest complaint, however, had to do with the execution of this new waiting program. Many felt as though there was no discussion regarding the change, and that it was implemented suddenly and without warning. We hope that in the future such a change will be discussed in clear terms before execution.

We think that this change is a step towards equalizing the experiences of boarders and day students, and what is expected of them. Everyone will have waited by the time they graduate, whether they are from Dubai, Darien, or South Deerfield.