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Creagh Takes Charge
garam noh 15 staff writer
December 15, 2011

Next year will mark the beginning of current Assistant Dean of Students Amie Creagh’s five-year tenure as the new dean of students, giving her responsibility for the entire student body.

Current Dean of Students Toby Emerson will take the position of assistant dean for another two years. During this time, he will work with juniors and seniors, while another, yet-to-be-named dean will manage freshmen and sophomores.

“Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this job is to balance the need to nurture and the need to discipline,” said Head of School Margarita Curtis. “Like a parent, you have to say no and say what’s wrong, and enforce the rules.”

Mr. Emerson said, “Since my tenure is over and Mr. Flaska is on a leave of absence, Ms. Creagh provides continuity in the office.”

Dr. Curtis gave the faculty until December 15 to nominate candidates for the remaining spot as assistant dean of students. This third dean will be announced in the third week of January.

“I may make unpopular decisions,” said Ms. Creagh, “but I’ll aim to keep communication flowing in both directions.”