Creagh Takes Charge

2 thoughts on “Creagh Takes Charge”

  1. Amie has been an amazing, very fair and skillful Assistant Dean for the four years that I have been a parent working with her. Whether the problem was easy or difficult, I have found Amie to be open and solution oriented. I have found her to be completely responsive in a timely manner. I have also found that she is trustworthy as I have depended on her to provide the balance of nurturing and discipline to my child in my absence. Since Fall 2008, the Deerfield administration has done an outstanding job in keeping students safe and setting standards and discussing values that will benefit students for a life time.

    Congratulations to Amie and all best wishes for your continued success!!! She is an excellent professional in every way and a feet-on-the-ground parent that gets, cares about students. Mary Matthews, P-Cl2012

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