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Bieber Fever Strikes Deerfield
tara murty 14 editorial associate
December 15, 2011

Justin Bieber’s fan base has skyrocketed since his YouTube discovery in 2008 and subsequent singing success.
Deerfield fans, with posters, concert ticket stubs, autographs and photos, enthusiastically express their “Bieber Fever.”

Belieber Mary Cherna ’12 explained the power behind the star. “Bieber’s face looks like it was chiseled by angels and his voice sounds like one. In an age filled with auto-tune and computer-generated genres of music like dubstep, one has to appreciate the handful of singers out there with raw, natural talent.”

Beyond his looks and singing talent, Bieber displays a unique interest in the holiday season. Shanya Hopkins ’14 said, “Most artists don’t express feelings about the holidays or show holiday spirit, so to see that from an artist as big as Justin is a breath of fresh air.”

Released on November 1, 2011, Bieber’s Christmas album Under the Mistletoe coincides well with the holiday season. As snow begins to fall and the days get colder, the warm sound of Bieber’s voice can be added to the usual carols.

Hopkins commented, “I think the album is a great combination of soft and mellow meets jolly and merry.” Bieber expresses his versatility and personal style in Deerfield students’ holiday favorites such as “Under the Mistletoe,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “Fa La La.”

Alcides Soares ’12 commented on the quality of the new album, “The Christmas album is really good. I particularly like it. I think that it is [Justin Bieber’s] best album so far.”

Listeners nation-wide echoed these acclaims and sentiments as Under the Mistletoe ranked first on the U.S. Billboard 200 in its opening week.

Furthermore, it is the only holiday album by a male solo artist to debut at number one in the fifty-five years of Billboard’s album chart.

This success hardly surprised Bieber’s fans. Cherna said, “He just has the name, and dedicated fans with Bieber Fever, such as myself, support him no matter what.”

Hopkins credited Bieber’s fans with a similar zeal. She said, “When his album opened at number one and broke a record, it was much expected for me, yet I was still extremely happy and proud. It was expected because, as an avid Belieber and Justin follower, I know how supportive Beliebers are and how much they want to see Justin succeed.”

The blockbuster review of “Under the Mistletoe” by both Deerfield students and listeners across the country evinces the nonpareil qualities of Justin Bieber: his angelic voice, his versatility, his talent, and his charm. Hopkins explained, “[He] makes music that people of all ages can enjoy and fall in love with.”

Bieber’s album’s success, according to many fans, indicates his future. Cherna said, “For Justin Bieber, the sky’s the limit! Bieber will take over the world!”

Soares shared Cherna’s opinions on Bieber’s future path. He said, “[I] think that Justin will be [the] next Michael Jackson if he continue[s] with success and with [the] heart of doing good.”

Bieber may not become the king of the world or even the next king of pop, but we should prepare to see him become the king of the Billboard charts.