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Spex Soccer: Taking Choate by Storm
jon victor 14 editorial associate
November 10, 2011

Deerfield’s Special Exercise or “Spex” program has been preparing all season for the single moment in which they will come together as one team for the annual Deerfield-Choate Spex soccer game.

The tradition is about ten years old, and a game has taken place every year since its inception.

The Spex squad consists of approximately forty senior boys and girls who work out together in the fitness center after classes, Monday through Thursday each week, usually doing off-season training for their main sports.

Ben Masella ’12 anticipates the match with intensity and determination. “Choate Day is one of the most celebrated Deerfield traditions and takes competitiveness to another level,
Masella explained. “Playing first thing in the morning, our Spex team is looking to help set the tempo for the rest of the day.”

To prepare for the event, the athletes are continuing to follow their regular workout programs. “We don’t want to over-prepare,” said Spex advisor Brendan Creagh. “We have to make sure we’re fresh and ready”.

T-shirts to be worn as team uniforms on Choate Day were ordered, printed with the intimidating title “Spex Fall 2011.”

“We’re excited for the game and really pumped to play,” exclaimed Spex’s prospective goalie, Marina Vranos ’12, while pumping iron (above right with Danielle DeNunzio ’12 .)