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Qaddafi’s Death: Images or Implications?

Qaddafi’s death was replayed around the world on televisions, cell phones, and computers. As rebels cornered the former Libyan dictator, several bystanders pulled out their cell phones to record the historic death. Hours later, news stations played the clips, broadcasting violent images to the public. In this digital age, information collection and data exhibition are commonplace, but is it always necessary? Must we venerate images of death and violence? We should not be obsessed with the drama or theatrics of the event, but rather we should consider its implications on the future. The videos of rebels kicking Qaddafi’s dead body cannot help ease tensions in the region. International attention should be focused on rebuilding the government and organizing the rebels.

2 Comments on Qaddafi’s Death: Images or Implications?

  1. Great article, Hadley! I agree: the graphic images of Qaddafi’s death on the internet seemed to reduce the underlying importance of his death. We must focus on what Qaddafi’s death means for our country and the world, rather than focus on the method in which he was killed.

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