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Marly Morgus Courts Success
ryan logie 13 senior staff writer
November 10, 2011

Many athletes are praised for their accomplishments in a particular sport, but it is rare to find one who excels in many different fields. Marly Morgus ’12 is the varsity volleyball captain and in addition to dominating the net in her main sport, she captains varsity skiing in the winter, and rows for varsity crew in the spring.

When asked what has been the most exciting moment so far for varsity volleyball, Morgus enthusiastically said, “It was amazing when we beat Hotchkiss this year. It’s the first we’ve beaten them in a really, really long time. We won 3-2 in a home game, which only made it better.”

Morgus discussed her volleyball team’s prospects this season. “It’s hard to compare the team year to year because we always lose seniors and think we’re going to be bad,” she laughed. “But we have a lot of young girls who are showing tons of promise and a solid returning core, so the team has been great so far this year.”

Contributing to that greatness is the new coaching staff. After Coach and English teacher Michael Schloat switched to boys’ cross country and Coach Cathy Markowski took a position at Worcester Poly Tech, math teaching fellow and Coach Miriam Singer and Coach John Pineo have stepped into fill those roles. “The new coaches have great energy and are very enthusiastic,” said Morgus.

Morgus gave advice on how to juggle the fields, classrooms, and social world of Deerfield. “My advice for balancing everything would be to keep it all separate. You have to understand that once a practice or a game is over, it’s over, and you can’t let that get it the way of other things,” she said.

Morgus also advised Deerfield athletes in general to “embrace being an athlete. Sports are one of my favorite parts of Deerfield. Being able to see the school spirit and share it with a team just adds to the package.”