Limited Time at School Meeting Stirs Controversy

2 thoughts on “Limited Time at School Meeting Stirs Controversy”

    1. I understand the GSA’s concern but I also understand Mr. Flaska’s position. The importance of the month of October to the GSA had the same importance at the end of September (when they asked for a time slot) as it did in August. Mr. Flaska is only doing his job by scheduling the meetings and keeping them in a certain time limit and he should not be criticized for the GSA’s lack of timeliness and planning.
      No club has priority over another club. Granted, if there’s any extra time whatsoever, the GSA should have been allowed to speak. But they should not, by any means, be given a spot that already belongs to someone else who scheduled that time slot beforehand.
      Again, I understand the anger on both sides, but Mr. Flaska has done the right thing. Who are we to criticize the man who has been the only one to take the job of planning school meetings? I’m sure that’s a real fun one, right? I agree with Theo Lipsky 100% and its a shame to see students whine and complain for the administration following the rules.
      If you have a problem with how meetings are scheduled, go talk to the Headmaster and draft a rule to add to the school. Don’t just sit in you room and comment on Scroll articles about how angry you are at Mr. Flaska. Have some initiative and fix what you think is wrong.

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