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Choate Day Cheers
the editorial board
November 10, 2011

“I smell bacon” and “God made rivers, God make lakes, God made Choate, we all make mistakes” are common cheers for students taking part in the historic rivalry with Choate Rosemary Hall. Recently however, such spirit has been discouraged. Cheering students were told that Deerfield is a community that values respect and that such cheers are insensitive. Students and cheerleaders are now required to cheer only for Deerfield, not against the other team. We think that a decision that alters a common Deerfield tradition and practice such as our anti-Choate cheers should be discussed between students and faculty before implementation. Students do not actually intend to cook our Choate opponents when we chant “I smell bacon.” Likewise, we do not actually intend to go to “battle” when we yell the beloved Deerfield Battle Cry. The Choate Day bonfire is an important time for the student-body to get a little bit rowdy and to show some exaggerated school spirit. Burning a large C, painting our faces, and eating and chanting about some bacon is all part of the harmless rivalry fun. Every year, on the official Choate Day, Deerfield students and alumni stand out in green and white class dress, rooting on our players with fun and encouraging cheers.