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Unwritten Rules
the editorial board
October 12, 2011

We are often reminded that Deerfield is a community built upon respect and tradition. This year, however, there has been a lack of respect for certain traditions that are as much a part of Deerfield as the buildings, the students, the staff and the faculty. A reminder of these “unwritten” traditions seems necessary.

One unwritten rule is lovingly referred to by returners as “you kill it, you fill it,” meaning if you take the last of the water or food at a sit- down meal, it is your duty to refill it for the rest of the table. It is also expected that you know your class cheer and do it along with the rest of your class at school meeting. This is an opportunity to show class pride. You should cheer enthusiastically every time, not just stand silently until you are able to sit down again. The same applies when singing school songs.

Other rules of respect surround senior privileges. When seniors are dismissed from the auditorium, all underclassmen, including sophomores and first waiters, should remain in their seats until every senior has left the room. Many underclassmen have also been seen walking on senior grass this year. Senior grass is all of the grass in front of the Main School Building, and only seniors are allowed to walk on it.

The seal on the floor in the trophy room symbolizes Deerfield values. We do not walk on it. Encourage visitors to respect this rule and to step around the seal.

These traditions are as much a part of Deerfield life as our written rules, so this year, let’s work our hardest to be respectful of them and keep the traditions alive.