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The Ponderings of a PG
marlen morgus 12 online editor
October 12, 2011

This fall, a new face appeared among the familiar ranks of the cross-country team. The Scroll sat down with runner and hockey player Alanna McDonough ’12 to find out more about the PG behind the player.

Scroll: Is it weird shifting your loyalty to Deerfield after playing for a completely different school for so long?

Alanna: Not really, because Governor’s Academy never played against Deerfield, so I don’t have any burning hatred. It’s hard to be against Deerfield when everyone is around you cheering and singing songs.

Scroll: Do you find Deerfield to be more restrictive than your old school?

Alanna: It’s restrictive in the opposite ways that Gov’s was restrictive. Deerfield is a lot more lenient about curfews and weekends and when you can leave, but it’s much more restrictive about dress code and stuff like that. I was a day student my freshman and sophomore years at Gov’s and then I started boarding as a junior. I think being a boarder, you feel much more connected.

Scroll: How do Deerfield’s traditions compare to those of your old school?

Alanna: [Deerfield] blew [Governor’s Academy] out of the water! I’ve never been to a school with so much spirit! I went to that meeting and all of the sudden people started standing up and clapping and chanting and stomping their feet. And I was like, if we could get the entire Gov’s community to do this that would be an amazing feat. It just demolishes the spirit of any other school I’ve been to.

Scroll: How did Deerfield surprise you?

Alanna: I’m surprised that people already said “hi” to me when I got here. I kind of expected to be that quiet new kid, but it was easy to get into that place.