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  1. this is totally false. sorry anna, but there have been clear incidences of faculty (specifically administration) censoring or vetoing articles.

    1. Here are some articles written about David Koch.




      I’m in definite agreement with what appears to be your viewpoint on David Koch. I just hope you haven’t been mislead to think that there were articles written about his involvement with the school, the climate denial movement, the Tea Party, or anything else that were not published because the administration pulled a Big Brother and censored them. As I’ve tried to make clear in multiple editorials and letters we would very eagerly publish an opinion piece or letter to the editor of this nature. If you’d like to respond to this piece in that format regarding David Koch or anything else (even if all you wrote was a paragraph) I would gladly publish it. If you decide against this for whatever reason, I see that as self-censorship, and that is the only type of censorship associated with The Scroll.

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