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Campus Denim
miranda mcevoy 13 arts entertainment editor
October 12, 2011

As the girls at DA begin the transition from their flowery shorts to apparel more befitting the oncoming autumn weather, denim outerwear has slowly appeared all over campus.

When asked why she loves denim as a top, Clara Galperin ’13 responded, “Because I think it looks different!” The easiness of denim jeans and shorts lures wearers into translating this to their tops and outerwear. Galperin, a fan of alternative rock, shrugs on a denim shirt over a graphic tee and some jeans. Her long hair and many bracelets add to her “alternative underground look.” Asked what it is about her denim shirt that she likes, she explained, “It’s just a chill look.”

A denim jacket or shirt is a simple way of self-expression. This item has the ability to complement many different styles. Veronica Houk ’12, who sports a bohemian, dressy look, commented, “If I’m feeling too girly, I can just throw [the jacket] on. It’s effortless.”

Fashionista Delaney Berman ’12 explained why she bought her dark denim outerwear: “This just seemed like the classic American jacket.”

The denim recognition, however, is still tentative. Sidney Cech ’12 admitted, “At first I was embarrassed about wearing it because I never saw anyone else wearing jean jackets. But then I decided, who cares, because if I like it, then I’ll rock it!”