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After Irene: Looking at the Reconstruction Down on the Farms…
sungmin hong 13 editor-in-chief
October 12, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene’s waters demolished several surrounding farms, leaving fields laden with silt and the crops deemed unfit for sale.

North of campus, the Williams Farm lost 60 acres of sweet corn and most of their pumpkin and squash crops, amounting to $200,000 in losses according to Chip Williams.

Unfortunately, because the Williams family harvested more than half of their corn crop before Irene hit, their agricultural insurance policy will not cover damages, nor will it pay the $50,000 required to replace the irrigation structure that the storm washed downstream and tore apart.

The Savage family farm faces similar losses in money as did the Melnik family’s Bar-Way Farm dairy cattle grazing area.

“Although this is the worst flooding I’ve ever seen, and even the worst my father has seen, we will rally from it,” said Mr. Williams. “But it will certainly take money and time.”