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New Schedule Changes to Take Effect
sungmin hong 13 editor-in-chief
September 9, 2011

During their last meetings of the year, faculty members voted to hold school meeting on Wednesday and add 10 more minutes to Faculty Break. In addition, school meeting will now occur between second period and third period on Wednesdays, no longer replacing fourth period on Tuesdays.

“Fourth period ran according to its own unique rhythm, one that teachers perceived less effective for teaching and learning,” Academic Dean Peter Warsaw explained.

Now three of the five school days will follow the same schedule. “Personally, I liked that School Meeting was on Tuesday because it broke up the week a bit,” said Willa Gustavson ’12. “Mondays and Fridays were always rough because we had every class, and now we have all seven periods three days a week.”

But Spanish teacher Cheri Karbon insisted this is huge from a teacher’s perspective, as the change will clear the “confusion and unfair advantages” for fourth period sections.

Faculty Meetings will run longer to supply time for both Faculty and Departments within the slot. Though the Curriculum Committee proposed starting the day at 8:15 a.m. to keep the final bell at 3:20 p.m., “the faculty felt that we should hold onto the later start, as it has proven health and performance benefits for our students,” Mr. Warsaw said.

Some students noted the benefits of extending Faculty Break. “A longer Faculty Break allows more time for rest in between a study-heavy Thursday schedule,” said James Yang ’12.

Classes will end at 3:30 p.m. on Thursdays, and cocurriculars will begin at 3:45 as usual. “A later day has a cascade effect on sports, dinner and, ultimately, the evening,” said English teacher Joel Thomas-Adams. “Does anyone at Deerfield not already feel as if he or she is rushing from activity to activity?”