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Deerfield Triathlon a Success
jon victor 14 editorial associate
May 26, 2011

The annual Deerfield Triathlon was held all around campus and its periphery on Sunday, May 22.

“It has been really fun for the past few years, and on the day of the event, many students are done with their sports commitments. So, everyone is invited!” exclaimed Dean of Students Jan Flaska, the faculty organizer of the event.

Contestants were to compete by themselves, or in teams where each member does a portion of the triathlon. Faculty and students race alongside one another; there were currently twenty students and ten faculty members registered.

The organizers offered three separate distances for participants of different capabilities. In order of increasing the difficulty, the distances are green, white, and then gold, the most serious of competitors.

The swimming portion for all three levels took place in the pool. The bike ride for the green and white was on campus, and was essentially a combination of the small loop, Main Street and the south fields. The gold distance was much longer – about 15 miles on the River Road Loop. The run was around the same areas, but shorter, with gold distance competitors running to the Rock.

To many, completing the race was a huge challenge, but the difficulty of the course encouraged participants to push themselves. “So far I’ve only done the swimming portion, but this year I wanted to try and complete the whole thing,” said Henry Lee ’12, who participated in the event for the past two years. “I wanted to see how much I could do.”

The Deerfield Triathlon was an outstanding finish to the spring term as the academic year comes to a close and summer waits just around the corner.