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Thank You, Seniors!
the editorial board
May 26, 2011

Here’s to our seniors, the ones who refused to give up the ba-ba-ba in the cheering song, spoke out against the graffiti, and who perpetrated an exhilarating water balloon ambush. The seniors were unique in diversity and acceptance. They provided a guiding hand for new students from the beginning through the end of their years at Deerfield. Whether it was in a kind smile or a wave across the quad, their warm presence was always felt. We’ll remember their leadership in the dorms, on the fields, and at sit-down tables.

The seniors’ hard work and positive attitudes inspired those around them to do their best and carry on the Deerfield traditions with humility and light-heartedness. They were the face of the student body. A senior’s responsibility in any academic community is to lead the students, acting as role models to those in grades below. We are thankful to have learned, played, and grown with their unfaltering support. The class of 2011 was one full of friendly faces that made Deerfield proud.

They were certainly worthy.