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A Leader in Our Midst

Although no longer playing on the 3rds lacrosse field, Cole Carpenter ’11 has had the incredible opportunity to make a greater impact on Deerfield’s athletics. The Scroll sat down with Carpenter to discuss his role as a student coach on his former team, and how he gives back to the community.

Scroll: What role do you play on the 3rds lacrosse team?

Carpenter: I’m the assistant coach and I focus heavily on helping out the defense, but really I just try to do whatever is needed.

Scroll: How did you get to be an assistant coach?

Carpenter: Well, I helped out the team last year while going through rehab on my knee and this year Coach Davis needed an extra coach. He asked me and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

Scroll: What have you learned?

Carpenter: Coaching doesn’t take a great depth of knowledge but more an attention to detail and ability to connect to your players. I know how to communicate with them and I think that’s indeterminately valuable. Working with other people and being a leader translates to everything.

Scroll: What was it like to transition from being an athlete to being a coach?

Carpenter: It was a new feeling, kind of strange at first. I try to make sure I’m as trustworthy as possible and helpful wherever the other coaches need it.

Scroll: What unique aspect do you contribute to the team? Carpenter: I’m very focused on details and I like to do my coaching mostly through one- on-one situations. I like to go up to a player and tell them where I think they need to make an adjustment. I get a little time to focus on them individually because I think that sticks more.

According to Carpenter, it makes a difference when students see their peer coaches in the hallway, in the Greer, or at the river.

The ancient Greeks had a meaning for the word arete, or excellence, which was the act of living up to one’s fullest potential. Carpenter believes that’s what sports here are teaching us.