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Swift Solution found for Swift Problem
kyle wellner 13 staff writer
April 28, 2011

When Dean of Students Toby Emerson announced that Swift Cleaners laundry service informed students that the company would no longer pick up and deliver laundry on campus, many were annoyed. Students learned that they had to come up with a way to transport their laundry to Swift’s location on Main Street in Greenfield due to a contractual issue.

At the time, manager of Swift Cleaners Joe Williams said, “I really hope we can work something out with the school. We are just working hard to get it straightened out, and I’m trying to make it as convenient as possible.”

But then a week after the announcement, the parties involved came up with a workable solution. Swift Cleaners will now pick up and drop off laundry in front of the Main School Building between 3:00 and 3:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

When asked why Swift Cleaners was no longer allowed to pickup and drop off in dorms while E&R still could, Head of School Margarita Curtis explained, “It’s both a contractual and a safety issue. Vendors can’t go into the dorms unless we have done a background check on them.”
Dr. Curtis went on to say that Deerfield had signed a contract with E&R campus laundry, and, as part of the contract, agreed that E&R would be the only vendor on campus.

“When the contact expires in 2012, it will be a very good time to put this out for a bid and see who can provide the best service. But as long as we are bound by a contract, we need to honor that,” said Dr. Curtis.