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Letter from the Editor
anna gonzales 12 editor-in-chief volume 86
April 28, 2011

The Deerfield Scroll this year aims to be a tool in creating awareness, stimulating discussion, and generating action in the student body. To this end, we wish to work closely with the Student Council, reporting on changes in administrative policies and new proposals that directly affect students. As Imagine Deerfield is phased into effect, we will cover and interpret key aspects of the school’s strategic plan, examining their significance in our lives in the classroom, the dormitory, and the athletic fields. Recognizing the student body’s collective membership in an increasingly politicized and technologically changing world, we will also look outside of Deerfield for news. With well-researched reporting on current events, such as budget cuts on Capitol Hill and air strikes on Libya, both included in this issue, we look to inform students, arouse their curiosity, and incite debate and opinion formation on these topics. To do this, we will rely upon our staff writers, who, in writing passionately about topics that excite them, carry the responsibility and honor of informing our readership.

The Scroll’s goals would be impossible without building upon the strong tradition of tactful and intelligent reporting, writing, editing, tough decision-making, and Glee-soundtrack-listening that we now inherit from former Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Strayer ’11 and her staff, and continue under the brilliant, endlessly patient advisory of Ms. Hannay and Mr. Palmer. I would also like to thank the new editorial board for the diligence, fearlessness, grammatical and technological skills, and willingness to receive an incredible number of emails that they have shown thus far.

We cannot succeed without readers, of course, and so by distributing The Scroll directly to dormitories and mailing it home again to parents we want more people to see the paper and enjoy its contents. We hope that other students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff will feel inspired to send something to The Scroll themselves, responding to or writing articles and adding their voices to the ongoing conversation. If you have an idea about something you’d like to see in The Scroll, an opinion, a question, or even an exclamation, please share it with us at or We look forward to hearing your thoughts and your voices!


-Anna Gonzales