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Students Interview Potential Faculty Members
sarah woolf 12 former front page editor charles jones 12 staff writer
March 3, 2011

Members of Student Council and the Student Programs Committee have been busy interviewing potential faculty members for the past few weeks in a pilot program that intends to heighten student involvement with the faculty selection process.

Dean of Faculty John Taylor is enthusiastic about the initiative.

“I think the students will give me a very valuable perspective,” he said. “Also, the candidates enjoy meeting the kids, getting a sense of what the students are like.”

Council and SPC members have been the interviewers because “their peers have chosen them as representatives, so it seemed most logical to have Student Council members represent Deerfield and its students to these faculty candidates,” said Student Body President Charles Giannini ’11.

“Students can’t really deal with the candidates’ athletic or academic qualifications, but we can tackle the more social aspect,” said Giannini. “We are trying to provide Mr. Taylor with a full view of how the interviewee would add to student life and culture.”

“The questions are mainly student-oriented,” said Jen Chu ’11, who has taken part in three interviews so far. “I am glad that the administration is interested in and trusts our judgment and opinions on how the candidates relate to people our age.”

Mr. Taylor also believes that this experience will benefit student interviewers in the future.

“I think there is an important educational piece here. They are learning something that is applicable in real life and developing critical skills that can be used in the professional world long after Deerfield.”

“Considering the impact new faculty members have when they arrive on campus, I’d say this interviewing is one of the most valuable jobs we can perform as representatives,” said Student Council Chair Ellie Parker ’11. “I am grateful to be entrusted with it.”