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No Nassau?
emily ng 14 editorial associate
March 3, 2011

After the last exam, buses will be rolling in on Main Street, and everyone will be heading out.

Louisa Schieffelin ’12 is thrilled for spring break. “The first week I will be going down to the Dominican Republic with my family. It’s a tradition to go there and we also have a lot of friends there,” she said.

A previously popular destination for many students was Nassau in the Bahamas. Though sunbathing on the beach and splashing in the ocean waters are all fun and games, many unfortunate and in fact dangerous incidents do happen.

The school sends a message for students to avoid situations like these and to act responsibly while on vacation.

“Every year, the school sends out a letter to parents and seniors to advise us against going on the trip to Nassau and losing control,” said student council chair Ellie Parker ’11.

Day student Brandon Coulombe ’13 will be spending spring break learning new technology and experimenting with up-and-coming electronic games. “I will be going to a gaming convention in Boston called PAXeast. There will be tons of demonstrations of new games, information panels, and even concerts.”

Science teacher Jennifer Marino is also excited to take a few weeks off from school. “I am going to visit family and friends in the greater Boston area. Also, I might go skiing in Vermont.”

Another day student, Trevor Anderson-Salo ’12, is traveling to the United Kingdom. “I am going to London for two weeks to visit my old babysitter. We are going to various theaters, to see many different musicals and plays. We’re definitely going to see Wicked, and a ballet.”

Even though many students are going all around the world, some love to just relax back at home after a stressful winter term.

“I am going to stay in Maine and ski,” revealed Devon Stockmayer ’14.