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In Your Dreams…
elisabeth yancey 12 staff writer
March 3, 2011

As members of the campus continue to trudge through longer days filled with school work and snow, sleep has become even more crucial. Some people dream of journeys they don’t have time for except in slumber.

“I dreamt I was running through the hills of Scotland,” said Allie Nagurney ’12.

“I have a recurring dream of driving cross country with Mrs. Cary in a dark red Mustang convertible, eating in diners, and sleeping in motels,” said English teacher Michael Cary.

For some, dreams don’t garner the same pleasant experience. “I was eating way too much chocolate one night and then I dreamt instead of my eating the chocolate, the chocolate ate me, and I was trapped inside its stomach. It was actually kind of scary,” remembered Christina Pil ’12.

“I dreamt I failed the SATs, broke my arm and got a concussion,” recounted Elizabeth Huebsch ’12.

Though more fantastical, others dream of equally elaborate and stressful scenarios. “I had a dream when I was little that I was a Jedi and had to save Obi Wan Kenobi and we were in a museum, but the only way you could get to the next room was to jump through paintings.” recalled Thomas Earle ’12.

“In the end, after we fought some bad guys and I saved Obi Wan Kenobi’s life, the roof fell and I woke up,” he continued.

“I dreamt that clowns had taken over Deerfield and were stealing all our electronics,” said Cate Wadman ’13.

“I was riding a huge gryffin—actually it was a transportation service over this large ocean—and then I just decided to take it and keep it as a pet. I then taught him how to swim,” exclaimed Taylor Harris ’13.

“I don’t dream,” admitted Kay Calloway ’14.