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Necessary Snow Days
the editorial board
February 3, 2011

For those of us raised in a colder environment, one of childhood’s greatest joys was having a day off from school in the middle of a long winter, and wrapping a scarf around a newly crafted snowman—safe and secure at home.

Fast forward to life as a day student. Snow days now mean one of three things: spending a sleepless night on the floor of a friend’s dorm room, sitting at home doing homework and feeling guilty for missing school, or waking up early in anticipation of a dangerous drive to Deerfield through the unplowed streets.

Deerfield’s off-campus faculty and staff likewise face a risky drive through the snow. From the grounds crew who must spend the wee morning hours making campus school day-ready to students who must brave the deep snowdrifts to walk between classes, soaking their pants in the process, days that bring deep snow are known to be dreary—and often an excuse for a day of snowball fights in classes, causing the day students who braved the elements or lost valuable sleep to wonder whether it was worth coming to classes at all. Students, faculty, and teachers alike—particularly those whose children have no school—would benefit from a relaxing sleep in. With Deerfield’s concern about teens’ sleep needs, and winter stress relief, a snow day would bring peace of mind to all.