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Meet Deerfield Hockey Sensation Tyler Kelleher ’14
Meet Deerfield Hockey Sensation Tyler Kelleher '14
February 3, 2011

Ty Kelleher ’14 may be a freshman, but with his incredible skills on ice, he is an essential member of the boys’ hockey program. The Scroll caught up with Kelleher to learn more about his season, teammates, and future as a hockey player.

The Scroll: Were you born with a hockey stick in hand?
TK: Pretty much. I’ve been playing hockey for as long as I can remember. My dad had me skating basically before I could walk, so it’s been my life for a really long time.

TS: Are the rumors true that you are committed to play hockey at UNH? Why did you choose UNH?
TK: Yes, I am. I decided to commit to UNH because I’ve heard nothing but good things about the coaches, and I loved the campus. It’s always been my dream to play for UNH.

TS: What is it like being the only freshman on the team?
TK: It’s really fun to have older friends and teammates, but the best part is chirping Adam Ellison ’13 for getting sniped on during practice.

TS: How is playing with all of the Canadians?
TK: It’s horrible. I wish I didn’t have to. The Canadian style of hockey, especially the goon Ben Masella ’12, will never match that of the Americans…. Just kidding, they’re all good guys, and it’s been really fun.

TS: Do you have any pre-game superstitions or special warm-up?
TK: I like to do the same warm- up and put my equipment on the same way every time. I also like to play soccer before the game with Kevin Roy ’12 and Masella.

TS: What is your favorite pump-up song before games?
TK: “The Adventure” by Angels & Airwaves.

TS: What was your most memorable goal/game/play so far this season?
TK: Probably scoring a hat trick against NMH [in his opening game of the season].

TS: What was it like to play during 80s’ Night in the Barn?
TK: It was awesome and the environment was unreal, but it was too bad that we lost.

TS: Who has influenced you most at Deerfield so far?
TK: Probably Mr. McVaugh because he is my hockey coach, dorm resident, and academic advisor, so he’s helped me out a lot in all of those places.

TS: What was it like beating Choate in the barn in overtime?
TK: Beating Choate in overtime was unbelievable, and it was definitely up there in the most memorable wins I’ve been a part of.

TS: If you could change one thing about Deerfield right now, what would that be?
TK: Probably less work so I don’t have to spend my whole night on homework.

TS: Who on the team uses their seniority over you the most?
TK: Definitely Greg Browne ’11, for reasons only the team can know.

TS: In your opinion, who has the best ‘flow’ on the hockey team?
TK: I’m going to have to go with myself. I take great pride in my flow although Roy’s is a good contender. Jake Thoubboron ’13 has the worst flow in the league.

TS: When you’re not playing hockey, you are…
TK: Chilling with Devin Joyce ’11 and Jordan Janzce ’13.