Gun Control: An Archaic Amendment

2 thoughts on “Gun Control: An Archaic Amendment”

  1. Unfortunately, the author dislikes what fellow citizens “claim” as constitutional rights. If the author wants to somehow deny those rights, then the author should at least respect the constitutional framework and seek an amendment to the Constitution rather than, presumably, seeking the enactment of gun control laws/statutes.

  2. The author has no clue on several fronts. Pistols as well as long guns were alive and well in colonial times. And please explain what gun is bigger than a rifle. Also, I’m tired of hearing about how things have changed. If you want to go there, let’s take a look at the First Amendment and deny freedom of the press to all but printed newspapers. Things have changed alright. We have raised a generation of liberals that believe the nanny state is the answer to everything because the individual can’t be trusted. So much for freedom.

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