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Eliza Moore and Spirituality
charlotte allen 14 editorial associate
February 3, 2011


Eliza Moore ’97 led the school in a rousing spiritual song at a recent school meeting in one of many exercises she conducted as spiritual artist in resident this January.

Ms. Moore came to Deerfield as a new senior in the early years of co-education. Though she only spent a short time here, Ms. Moore came away with a great love for the school.

Considered a spiritual artist, she works to incorporate her beliefs into her lifestyle and teach them to others in the form of music or yoga.

Wishing to see how the school had progressed since her time here, Ms. Moore contacted Dean of Ethical and Spiritual Life Jan Flaska and expressed her thoughts that she might have something to offer to the student body. For six days she conducted nighttime workshops and attended classes, along with her performance at school meeting.

Mr. Flaska thought the visit was “very successful.” Eliza Moore herself thought the students were receptive to her ideas about spirituality and enjoyed working with them.

In the wake of Ms. Moore’s departure, students undertook initiatives to bring similar mentors and motivators to Deerfield in the future. Currently, for those interested in exploring spirituality, there is a Zazen meditation class centered on prayer practice, and the promise of more spiritual artists to come.