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Christian Day: New Web Applications Programmer
sha li 12 staff writer
February 3, 2011


When you log onto DAnet or DAinfo, have you ever wondered who is the mastermind behind the neat configurations on these websites? The position of Web Applications Programmer has been vacant for nearly a half-year, until Christian Day took over the job in early January.

Self-described as energetic and curious, Mr. Day has an extensive background in computer science. Mr. Day graduated with a BA in Computer Science from Manhattanville College. He continued to pursue a MA from Brandeis University before teaching Computer Science at both Emma Willard and Exeter.

In 2007, he left teaching to pursue a career as a web programmer. He has since worked at a small software implementation company with an emphasis on Web. 2.0, a new technology primarily intended to facilitate web searches.

“It’s interesting to be a programmer; web is everything now, [and] a lot of things are changing,” Mr. Day commented. His favorite aspect of the job is “finding problems and solving them, [and] looking deep into the code.”

“I’m responsible for the code on DAinfo and DAnet,” Mr. Day said, “and right now I’m fixing a lot of bugs. Ultimately, once the bugs are in better control, we’ll be looking into adding features on DAinfo.”

Deerfield’s location was one aspect that drew Mr. Day here.

“It’s particularly amazing, something about both the Deerfield campus and students made me feel like that this is a place where people are well cared for. It’s a place I want for my children.”

The close relationship between the faculty and students also sets Deerfield apart from other schools. “You might watch graduation [at Exeter] and not recognize about a third of the students who are graduating. I have a feeling that, just in my short time here, Deerfield is different.”

Born in Cambridge, MA, and raised in Maine, Mr. Day now calls Troy, NY, his home. He lives with his wife, a math teacher at Emma Willard, and their two children, Aiden and Aniella.

Mr. Day’s family decided to stay back in Troy while he came to Deerfield. Being away from his family for most of the week “is still new. I go home on the weekends and some weekdays; the rest of the time, [we] Skype to stay connected.” Mr. Day said. “It’s a great technology; I can help my son with homework, and my daughter can show me her new ballet routine.”

A cycling and lacrosse enthusiast, Mr. Day hopes to continue these activities at Deerfield. He believes that it’s important to have “a variety of interests to keep you motivated and moving forward.”