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Carly Flynn ’10 Interns for the Arts Department
caroline kjorlien 13 features editor
February 3, 2011

copy-3-of-sealCarly Flynn ’10, current student at Bennington College, has returned to assist Fine Arts Teacher David Dickinson. Flynn will be here for the duration of her fieldwork term, when Bennington students have the opportunity to work in internships.

“I remembered how Mr. Dickinson always needed extra help, and I figured I could be an extra set of eyes for him,” explained Flynn. “If anybody needs someone to look at a certain part of their project or answer any questions, I’m here to do that.”

Flynn comes in after class primarily to help art exemption students working on independent projects. She also helps Mr. Dickinson set up studio space and, according to him, provides a “good, calming influence on some of the students as they struggle with imagery.”

Although her days as a Deerfield student are gone, Flynn still feels like a student in many ways.

“I know a lot of the students that I am working with, and so it is more on a friendly basis versus an administrative basis,” she said.

Nevertheless, it is a new experience to be back on campus as an alumna instead of as a student. Flynn admitted, “It’s a little strange—especially since I just graduated last year—but I’m especially realizing how much I enjoyed my time here and how much I miss it.”

She has not found time to pursue any projects of her own so far but she will have time later in her internship.

Flynn will be assisting and advising Deerfield’s artists until February 18. Afterwards, she will return to Bennington and resume her own work.

The internship is as rewarding for Flynn as it is helpful to our Arts Department. Her time back on campus is “more of a learning experience for me and a way to test out different career options.”