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Current Events, Anyone?
the editorial board
December 16, 2010

Despite recent major news such as WikiLeaks, bombings in Korea, and debate over tax cuts, there has been little political discussion on campus. The Scroll would like to remind everybody that although it may seem difficult to find time to read through an article, we need to stay up to date on the world outside our much spoken of “bubble,” even if it means scanning through the day’s headlines.

An organized discussion of current events in the classroom would be ideal, even for five minutes once a week. Or how about a current events elective in the spring, especially for seniors who are about to venture into a greater community?

If the classroom setting seems unlikely to bring up current events, why not start conversation at sit-down meals, killing two birds with one stone—providing inclusive conversation and updating each other about what’s going on in the world? Take it upon yourselves to enrich discussion and bring up any current events that cross your path.