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The New York Scandal
the editorial board
November 11, 2010

During Long Fall Weekend, many students headed to New York City to let loose from the stress of school. While in the city, some students participated in underage drinking, and a few were sent to the hospital.

Taking a break from the academic rigor and bubble-like boundaries of Deerfield is understandable. But, drinking or engaging in illegal activities, even off-campus, is not the way students should seek fun. Keep in mind that even at school, without drinking, we still have fun, and can do the same outside the school.

DA to Z states, if students’ “behavior jeopardizes the welfare or reputation of the Academy, [they] may be subject to disciplinary action.” Accordingly, proctors received probation from proctor duties, but these seniors are the only group on campus who were singled out. What about the peer counselors, captains, or those in other leadership positions?

Proctors were told that because they are seen as the leaders of the school who most immediately affect underclassmen, and because Mr. Emerson, in a meeting before Long Fall, reminded them of their responsibilities and his expectations that they make the right decisions during the weekend, they were held accountable for their behavior.

All seniors in the beginning of the year were told, whether they had leadership titles or not, that they are all leaders the underclassmen look up to. But isn’t the fact that other seniors and titled leaders were not reprimanded a contradiction of the speech given to seniors?

Whatever we may feel about this issue, as we head into Thanksgiving break, let’s learn from Long Fall Weekend. There’s no use crying over spilled vodka, but we now have a chance to rid ourselves of this “tradition” of Long Fall and a chance to change the culture of Deerfield.