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New Voices in the Rhapso-D’s and Mellow-D’s
elizabeth banalagay 11 staff writer
November 11, 2010

As the seasons transitioned from summer to fall, the Mello-Ds and the Rhapso-Ds, Deerfield’s two acapella groups, transitioned as well when they selected their newest members.

After ten Rhapso-D members graduated in 2010, the Rhapso-Ds sought singers with not only incredible voices, but also a tremendous amount of confidence, indicating that personality is as important as skill in the decision-making process.

Co-head of the Rhapso-Ds Becca Cooley ’12 stated, “Our incredible new members are holding their own with their individual voices and energies.”

Sarah Hemaida ’11, Rachel Fletcher-Slater ’12, Sha Li ’12, and Kristy Hong ’13 showcased their confidence, energy, and talent as they assumed their coveted positions as Rhapso-Ds.

“Even though acapella is something new to me, I have been singing in the shower since I could talk,” joked Hemaida.
The Mello-Ds approached the audition process less concerned about replacing former members and more concerned about compensating for future losses.

The Mello-Ds chose Thomas Earle ’12, Tim O’Brien ’12, Charlie Wilson ’12, and Hyun Yang ’13 for their unique voices that would complement to the group. Yang ’11 commented, “We needed voices that could keep the Mello-Ds strong next year when the eight seniors of the class of 2011 have graduated.”

“Trying out was so nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time,” said Earle. “I always want to perform with premium quality.”
The new members made their debut at the Performing Arts Showcased during Fall Parents’ Weekend. Said Freddy Rockwood ’11, who enjoyed their singing at the showcase, “By the sound of things, both a acapella made great selections.”