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The Dinner Dilemma
the editorial board
October 14, 2010

The new system of table assignments seems to assume that day students will not be attending sit-down dinners.

Tables 63 through 69 operate during lunch only, so boarders at those tables have separate assignments for sit-down dinners. Day stu­dents assigned to those last few tables are not given a sit-down table for dinner.

While some day students choose to leave campus before dinner, many stay to attend club meetings, rehearse in music ensembles, or go to extra help sessions.

Dean of Students Toby Emerson announced at school meeting that students who arrive at full tables must seek out another table up­stairs. However, students can feel awkward approaching table heads they don’t know.

Students who take the trouble to shower and don class dress after co-curriculars should have the comfort of enjoying a meal at their own table.

The school website states: “[Day students] often remain on cam­pus until late evening to study and socialize with friends. [They] are welcome at all evening meals.” But are they really?