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Mr. Roihl Sees New Horizons for the Music Department
nicholle yu 12 staff writer
October 14, 2010

Daniel Roihl joins Deerfield Academy this year as the director of the music department. Zatio Kone ’12 praised Mr. Roihl and said, “He’s passionate about his work and wants to see us succeed. I think he will do great things for the music program here.”

Alice Lu ’12 concurred, add­ing, “Mr. Roihl does a great job demonstrating for us. He is al­ways focused and very interested in what we are working on.”

After only a few weeks, Mr. Roihl has been able to catch glimpses of the music program, and he is already impressed by what students have to offer. “Deerfield has a great program that includes a lot of bright and enthusiastic students. They pick things up very quickly, and I think I will have a lot of fun with the students here. Most of them already have a pretty solid foun­dation,” he said.

Mr. Roihl hopes to develop the choral program at Deerfield more extensively.

“In my time here, I hope to make choral singing available to every student in Deerfield that is interested in it,” he said.

He also has specific plans to turn his vision into a reality. He explained, “I want to move one of the choral programs into the evening, although I do under­stand the busy schedule that Deerfield students are involved with on a daily basis.”

Mr. Roihl has taught at the University of Northern Califor­nia and World Mission Universi­ty, and has also gained vast expe­rience in conducting, singing, and composing. His singing was also included in the movie soundtrack for I Am Legend.

As an alumnus of Phillips Andover Academy, Mr. Roihl is familiar with the boarding school environment. He was drawn to Deerfield because it felt like “go­ing back home,” as he grew up in the New England area, and returning from California was a long-awaited family reunion.

He has high hopes for Deer­field and plans to discover the hidden talents of other students who wish to pursue chorus.

Said Frederica Rockwood ’11, “Mr. Roihl pushes us to sound mature when we sing, and I’m sure his enthusiasm and passion will attract many new singers.”