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Letter from the Editor
elisabeth strayer 11 editor-in-chief volume 85
October 14, 2010

According to William Zinsser, one of the most important rules of writing, and journalism in particular, is to “get it right.” With each news article, The Scroll strives to be accurate, objective, and informative. I believe that we have met with success in this aspect.

However, we have been subject to criticism regarding recent articles in the Opinion/Editorial section, causing us to consider how much freedom of speech high school students can and should have. I think teenagers are completely entitled to have their own opinions on politics, religion, social issues, and other supposedly “adult” matters. And just because a student writes a particularly liberal or conservative piece doesn’t mean that the entire community shares that student’s belief. The word “opinion” derives from the Latin opinari, “to think.” In suggesting that students should not possess opinions or share their unique perspectives with the community, are not such critics saying that students should not think or expand the horizons of others?

Deerfield prides itself on the rigorous education its students receive. We engage in philosophical discus­sions, explore the relevancy of classic texts, and compose analytical essays on political and socio-economi­cal themes. In a way, Deerfield’s mission is to teach us to think for ourselves. I hope our readers recognize that students’ opinion articles are a testament to the success of that mission.

As always, if you have your own opinion on something you read in The Scroll, never hesitate to share it. Please send any thoughts – or potential Opinion/Editorial pieces – to or

– Elisabeth Strayer, Editor-in-Chief