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Deerfield Gets Physical: New Fitness Center
danielle dalton 12 features editor volume 86
October 14, 2010

The new 5,500-square-foot fitness center is the latest edition to campus. It caters to every member of the community by providing many different types of equipment for all individuals.

Fitness Center Director Emma Mitchell, who works collaboratively with the athletic trainers, can create a personalized workout to meet any individual’s needs, including physical therapy and rehabilitation. Ms. Mitchell emphasized that the fitness center is not only for athletes.

“Whether you are interested in overall fitness or working towards a specific goal, the fitness center is designed to meet individual needs as well, not just the needs of teams,” said Ms. Mitchell.

Fitness center staff member Edward Wozniakewicz ’06 said, “I have never seen a gym that has as many options. It is nicer than any collegiate fitness center I’ve seen, as it has a lot more user-friendly equipment to offer.”

As Mr. Wozniakewicz stated, there is something for everyone in the fitness center. Cardiovascular equipment is located over the entire second floor while the lower level consists of two rooms for weight training and a 65-foot track.

Teams are able to incorporate the equipment into their weekly practice schedule, something they were never able to do in the old facilities.

“I would love for coaches to embrace strength and conditioning as a key element to their team’s workout and take advantage of the facility and staffing that we have,” said Head Athletic Trainer Robert Graves. “The better conditioned you are as a team, the less likely you are to be injured.”

The fitness center also offers additional possibilities for the athletic trainers.

“Our goal has always been to provide the best standard of care to athletes and non-athletes, alike. The fitness center will help us do this, as we can now offer more training opportunities for those injured and working in rehabilitation,” explained Mr. Graves

Ms. Mitchell added, “I think, in terms of fitness, people always talk about coming and being fit. I would love to see everybody in here at some point or another.”

Mr. Wozniakewicz explained, “A facility is only as good as people maintain it. Students should take pride in the facilities Deerfield has to offer and use them wisely.”