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DA Cribz: Eastman & Morse
courtney murray 11 staff writer
October 14, 2010

Poc 222 is unlike any other female double on campus. The fight for this spacious room (with multiple windows) during the last housing lottery was fierce.

Victors Elizabeth Eastman ’13 and Maggie Morse ’13 have creat­ed their own paradise. Formerly a faculty apartment, Poc 222 was converted into a triple last year.

Eastman and Morse love their shared life. “We were so excited last year when we got the double! We had so much fun decorating the space to be our own,” said Morse.

The main room is color-coor­dinated in neon green, blue, and white. A white flower lamp hangs over Morse’s bed on the right, and the wood floors are covered by a beige rug.

Their furniture frames the room, so there is ample floor space for dance parties and sleepovers. A monitor faces the girls’ beds in prime position for late night movies. Their bed­ding matches the color scheme, as do the massive white lanterns around the room.

What makes Poc 222 unique is the attached bathroom. East­man and Morse have given that a theme too.

“We Dr. Seuss-ified our bath­room!” said Morse.

A special blue One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish themed shower curtain masks the beige liner. A colorful bath mat covers most of the tile floor. In addition to the bathroom, there are Dr. Seuss mugs around their room.

This bathroom is also con­nected to sophomore Emma De­Camp’s single. DeCamp signed up with the pair and joined them next door.

“I’ve really enjoyed my new job as fight breaker-upper,” said DeCamp.

Green monkey hooks lie over every door and every piece of molding, adding to the whimsical feel of the double.

“Our double is like a nice little house. We love it!” said Morse.

As for the double lifestyle, Eastman and Morse are adjusting to different sleep schedules and homework issues, but they enjoy it all the same.

Morse and DeCamp have also reported a ghost haunting the old apartment. The phantom is known to turn on the sinks and disturb trash cans. However, this does not deter the trio from hav­ing a good time!

This Poc 2 double is known as one of the best-decorated and well-designed rooms on campus. The girls are open about their space, and always welcome visitors.