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The Junior Agitation: Part Deux
the editorial board
May 27, 2010

This spring’s decision that junior and senior girls will be housed together was met with confusion and anger by many rising seniors.
One concern is that some current sophomores were given priority over current juniors. The only primarily senior girls’ dorm this year, Rosenwald/Shumway, is centrally located on campus , making it especially attractive to the majority of junior girls who have spent the past year living in distant John Louis, Bewkes, or Ashley.
In addition, only a quarter of JL’s residents next year will be seniors. With some current junior girls poised to be junior proctors next year, it seems strange that their classmates who are not proctors will have essentially the same living situation.
In addition, juniors and seniors follow almost completely opposite schedules. Seniors stress through college apps n the fall; juniors face massive pressure in the spring.
Students are disappointed with the lack of effective communication. Last year, students living in doubles were promised first priority in choosing rooms, but some still did not get the halls of their choice. And despite the attempts to have discussions about this problem, the deans have declared the decision final.