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Thank You, Class of ’10!
the editorial board
May 27, 2010

The time has come that we must say goodbye to the class of 2010.

Thanks for being proctors, mentors, peer counselors, captains, artists, and friends. Every single one of you helped our school as a leader, even without an official title.

Thanks for leaving your mark in the Dining Hall, winning countless athletic contests and championships, putting on plays, making art and music – in short, doing all of the amazing things as individuals that make Deerfield what it is.

It has been bittersweet watching you count down the days until you leave the school; whether you spent four years here or just one, Deerfield will miss you.

You have set high standards for yourselves and therefore the rest of the school. You have left a legacy that will last in the hearts of Deerfield and Deerfield will last in your hearts as well.