Tea Party Animals

3 thoughts on “Tea Party Animals”

  1. Pity, hate, or complain all you want…

    The Tea Party is dominating elections throughout America, its just a mater of time, so Deal with it.

  2. I have never even heard of this party before I read this article. What is Patriot’s definition of “dominate”?

  3. Ms Gonzales,

    You need to become informed! Your article is full of mis-guided hate! Why don’t you try reading rather than spewing the Dem. party line! And as for the Tea Party being American or? I fought in 2 wars and several conflicts to Protect and Defend the Constitution so that people like you and the Tea Party followers can enjoy “FREEDOM of SPEECH” something “it sounds like” you would deny Americans! And oh yea the Tea Party is not a party at all! it’s a movement! Keep studying! I hope that your parents tuition hasn’t been wasted!

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