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Farewell To All
elisabeth yancey 12 staff writer
May 27, 2010

The time has come to say farewell to several individuals who have inspired students and fellow faculty members during their time here.

English teachers Maggie Blake and Matt Langione, Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs Ayodeji Perrin ’97, Director of Music Amy Shimbo, Assistant Director of Admission Rebecca Tynan, and Director of Multicultural Affairs Ann-Marie White are all leaving for new surroundings.

Ms. Blake is leaving her position in the classroom to teach at a private day school in Atlanta, GA and be closer to family. She commented that she is “heartbroken to be leaving Deerfield” and went on to say, “I’ve become very moody… even my dog has been upset.”

Mr. Langione leaves to continue his schooling. He will be attending Berkeley where he plans to complete his doctorate in English. His parting comments after two years teaching here were, “I’ve loved it here… I wouldn’t have left for any other school.” He hopes to continue to grow as both a teacher and student in the years to come.

Mr. Perrin is also trading his role as a leader in the classroom to that of a student at Emory Law School in Atlanta. He also hopes to continue religion and earn another degree in theology. He reflected “I’ve enjoyed my time here… it was four years well spent.”Mr. Perrin also said that teaching Judeo-Christian Traditions Political Philosophy solidified his choice to continue on the road of an academic.

Ms. Shimbo departs with a similar affection for Deerfield, “It’s been a lot of fun,” she said, adding, “I’ve learned a lot… I’ll miss Deerfield.” Though her one-year here has been a whirlwind, she leaves to take up a position at a Charter school north of Durham and to spend more time with her boyfriend in North Carolina.

Ms.Tynan leaves to join her husband, a crew coach at Wesleyan University. After her 6 years in the admissions office Ms. Tynan said, “It’s been wonderful here… I’ve especially enjoyed spending time in the dorm and coaching… I’m going to miss the community here immensely.”

The science department, Multicultural Committee, and entire Deerfield community will miss Dr. White. We will feel the absence of the faculty member on more than MLK Day.