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DA Cribz: Hunter Huebsch

DeNunzio, with its spacious, two-story common room flanked by well-kempt corridors with charming blue trim, is home to Hunter Huebsch ’11.

When first entering his abode, one is struck by the sheer number of posters. A serene beach scene hangs above the entry, the deep blues complimenting the dark hues of the bedding and furniture. A collection of posters featuring Lil’ Wayne, Muhammad Ali, Gatorade, and even the sculpture of the Deerfield Boy line the walls. Among Huebsch’s collage of culture, his coveted Nike swish decal stands out.

On the desk and bureau, favorite sports memorabilia finds a home along with framed pictures of friends and family.

Huebsch lounges on his bed, using neutral-colored body pillows to transform his sleep space into a visitor-friendly couch, optimal for video gaming. A large, but legal-size monitor sits on a dark wood stand with the vibrant scenes of Modern Warfare, a popular combat-oriented X-box game flashing across the screen.

The impressive monitor is only one of the many technological features of the room. Atop a fridge in the corner, there is a stereo. With one touch, the room fills with music blasted from strategically-placed speakers.

The Greer-aficionado collected a choice piece of history before the store’s recent demolition. Proudly displayed on the wall, among the posters, hangs a square slab salvaged from the store with names of friends scrawled on to it. His nightstand, acquired from Bella Notte on the night of Junior Prom, looks exactly like a miniature Greer table.

Huebsch says, “I love the fact that I can chat, game, and bump tunes in my room. There is something for everyone.”

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  1. Ronald E. Huebsch // May 27, 2010 at 1:43 pm //

    Wow, where is the original art work by HH himself? When can I move in? Mickie thinks it is really (her words) cool!
    You are very neat. What day does the maid come?

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