Arizona vs. Immigrants

1 thought on “Arizona vs. Immigrants”

  1. What park of ILLEGAL do you not get? People are hear ILLEGALLY? Why don’t you try going to Mexico or ANY other country without a PASSPORT? try to work? smuggle a friend or two in? maybe some drugs and see what they think? Why should these people be allowed to jump to the FRONT of the line ahead of other who have applied for visa or landed status? I hope that you have the courage to respond rather than just toss bombs! And as for your statement regarding Mrs. Palins remark, can you not hear the rally to support Arizona where the current and previous administrations have failed to? After all it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the Federal Government to secure our borders! The state of Arizona is only doing what Mr. Holder and Obama refuse to do! If you think for one minute that sending a couple of thousand National Guardsmen to the border with rules of engagement that tie their hands as a step in the right direction you really need to do a little more reading about what is going on down there! DON”T BE A BOMB THROWER Be an American!

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