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The Junior Agitation
the editorial board
April 22, 2010

The proctor-selection process began and ended with aggravation among the junior class. After attending mandatory leadership training meetings on three consecutive Thursdays during faculty break, juniors without interest in proctorship became irritated.

As for the majority of the students who applied to become proctors, the continual postponement of the release of the decision created stress and anxiety. On top of intense junior schedules, college advising meetings, and standardized test prep, the last thing stressed students needed was to hear that the decisions had been postponed two days.

Proctor decisions were supposed to come out the morning of Saturday, April 10. This date then moved to Sunday evening. After receiving an email on Sunday that promised more information later that night, juniors opened their inboxes a few hours later to find that decisions would not come out until Monday.

We realize that there is no perfect way to conduct a proctor selection, but we wish that the communication had been more consistent and less stressful.