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No Tears for the Greer
the editorial board
April 22, 2010

Although the Greer Store is due to close for renovations on May 1, there will be no need for waterworks this spring. We’re used to congregating nightly at the Greer, when in fact, there is much more to the Pocumtuck Valley than we see and use.

Spring term is meant to be spent outside…and not just outside of the Greer.

Certainly we will miss the Greer and everything that comes with it, but let us use this as an opportunity to explore and take advantage of everything that is around us—especially with beautiful spring weather. Explore Historic Deerfield and other lesser-known sights nearby.

Starting May 1, we will have the opportunity to experience Deerfield and its surroundings, and without the Greer, there is no excuse not to explore the area. Fro-Yos, popcorn, and Juke Box music can be easily replaced; valuable memories and experiences that come from being outside cannot.