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New and Improved Softball Steps Up Game
marlen morgus 12 online editor
April 22, 2010

On the first day of softball practice, nineteen girls arrived on the field ready to play. After the first cuts in two seasons, the girls’ team now fields a roster of fifteen, eight of whom are new students, seven of whom are freshmen.

Many people have been surprised to hear of the reform the team has undergone.

Previously, the girls’ softball team, although playing at the varsity level, cared more about having fun during practice than working hard and winning games.Last year, the girls went 2-10.

This season, with cuts being made and a higher level of intensity added to each practice, the team has transformed itself into one dedicated to improving their overall skills and abilities.

One major difference between this years mentality is how they practice. “We run. A lot,” said senior Shea Horn ’10.

A typical practice begins with a warm-up of Indian sprints, followed by stretching and a light toss.

From there, the girls take soft-toss, a hitting drill where one person lightly tosses the ball to the batter–“a great way to practice good hitting fundamentals,” said shortstop Jackie Tavella ’11.

Practices then are divided between infielders and outfielders so that both can practice their positions.

Despite the team’s recent setback with the injury of Anna Pettee, who was hit in the head with a softball, the team remains excited and hopeful about the year.

“It seems like a promising season and we have a great team; we are all excited to see what happens,” said Flora Donovan ’12.