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Letter From the Editor
elisabeth strayer 11 editor-in-chief volume 85
April 22, 2010

As a news source for Deerfield’s student body, faculty, parents, and alumni, The Deerfield Scroll strives to provide an accurate picture of important matters relevant to our community. Choosing article topics for each issue proves to be somewhat of a puzzle—we must achieve a healthy balance between publishing newsworthy articles and ensuring that we stay within the boundaries of tactfulness. In this process, complicated issues inevitably arise, presenting themselves as both opportunities and challenges to The Scroll editors as we attempt to negotiate the enigmatic line between what is appropriate to print and what is not. Many fascinating stories reach our ears, stories that would indubitably make the front page in a professional newspaper, but we must consider our role as a student publication before acting upon our knowledge.

The past few weeks have presented us with an unusually large number and range of issues, triggering ethical discussions among the editorial board as to exactly how far we may extend our right of free speech. We have wrestled with whether or not to print coverage of issues including a tragedy involving an alumnus, a difficult situation within our own school, and a letter to the editor opposing one of Deerfield’s benefactors. Upon careful consideration, we chose to withhold our wealth of information, believing it the most respectful option.

As I assume the role of editor and learn to wrestle with such situations, I would like to extend my thanks to former Editor-in-Chief Lucy Cobbs ’10 and her outstanding staff. Thank you also to our advisors, Ms. Hannay and Mr. Palmer, for your patience, commitment, and sense of humor (whether in the form of seal noises or noting our looks of guilt). Finally, I give my gratitude to all the new editors for making our first issue together a success: I’m certain your hours of time, patience, and high spirits (not to mention your willingness to listen to music from the Glee soundtrack!) will make Volume 85 an enjoyable experience.
And, of course, thanks to our readers: The Scroll always welcomes your feedback, letters, and opinions of any form. If you have something to contribute to the next issue, please contact us at or
Felix natalis sit tibi, Roma.

– Elisabeth Strayer, Editor-in-Chief