Artist of the Issue: Lena Mazel

4 thoughts on “Artist of the Issue: Lena Mazel”

  1. Lena – Congratulations! I’m not surprised a person with your grace and talent was invited to The Ensemble. Let me know when you’ll be performing. Thinking of you and missing you.

    Ms. K

    1. Lena … what a warm and happy feeling I got reading about you … it brought a smile to my lips … congratulations … you’ve put a lot of hard work and dedication into your dancing and it shows … would love to see you in action … keep in touch… Ms. K

  2. Lena- sorry to miss another great performance of yours this weekend! We’ll be thinking of you while toiling at Green Mt. Camp with the gang. Congrats on the recognition of your talent! Big fans we are indeed! Nanci

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