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Letter From the Editor
lucy cobbs 10 editor-in-chief volume 84
February 25, 2010

At the risk of sounding slightly cliché, the past year and nine editions of the Scroll Volume 84 have flown by. I’d like to first thank all the 2009-2010 editors; your hard work produced high-quality pages and your levity during layout kept me sane. Also, none of this would have been possible without our advisors, Ms. Hannay and Mr. Palmer, who guided us, motivated us, and brought us donuts when we were hungry. Thank you to everyone on and off campus who supported us: readers, Dr. Curtis, and administration.

Reflecting on the quality of Volume 84, I like to think that we accomplished many of our goals. We reported with clarity on a number of weighty issues—gender dynamics, over enrollment, the on-campus International Debate, the settlement of the Koch Center lawsuit, our rivalry with Choate, and the fire in the Dining Hall. In addition, we provided a forum for discussion, receiving and publishing many letters from students, teachers, and alumni.

We also introduced a couple of exciting initiatives, including Scroll Online. Thanks to Online Editors Camille Villa ’10 and Jake Barnwell ’12 for spearheading the project. The Scroll Online, our website launched in May, has had 16,000 visits and allowed us to begin a video-journalism program and publish a greater volume of and more timely articles. With commenting available online, we’ve received more feedback from a larger audience. Also, we started a regular book review column and blog by Kayla Corcoran ’10, and we feature Amanda Bennett ’10’s almost daily-updated blog about her experience in Spain School Year Abroad. Throughout the year we strove to report on a balance of topics with accuracy and fairness and to accept all constructive criticism with grace.

Finally, to end this letter, I’d like to congratulate and wish the best to Elisabeth Strayer ’11, the new editor-in-chief, and her staff. Good night and good luck.

– Lucy Cobbs, editor-in-chief